About Southern Illinois Vacation Rentals

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About Southern Illinois Vacation Rentals

Southern Illinois Vacation Rentals is a luxury vacation rental property management company in southernmost Illinois.  Originated south of Marion, IL, most properties are located in the counties of Williamson, Jackson, Union, and Johnson.  Our goal is to expand to all counties within the Shawnee National Forest. 

Our company is focused on not only the highest standards and most uniquely gorgeous properties, we value our robust guidebook that provides the most detailed information, locally known gems and concierge service to make your vacation to southern Illinois the best experience.

Our Journey


Kentucky Lake Boat Charters, LLC > pleasure boating charters and Airbnb stays. sold in 2019


Dam Near Lake of Egypt Cabins, LLC > 2 micro cabins


3 micro cabins and 1 managed lakefront property


Southern Illinois Vacation Rentals, LLC > established year end with 10 managed properties


SIVR added assistant manager/broker and others to the team year end with 20 managed properties


SIVR continues to expand with 35 properties


Assistant Manager moved to Chief of Operations; Owner/Founder moved to Chief Executive Officer; started year with 37 properties


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